Bush Churches

Cooyal: First Sunday in the month, 10.00am
Hargraves: 4th Sunday, 10.00am.
Windeyer: 4th Sunday, 10.00am.
Havillah: Special services to be advised.



Anglican Bush Churches

A church at Lawson Creek, four miles from Mudgee, began in December 1923 under the ministry of Canon Parr. It closed in 1950. The land for this church was given by WH Mills and working bees erected the church. Mr WH Mills agreed it was wise to sell the church at that time and bought it back in 1954. The little brick church of St Barnabas, Lawson’s Creek was consecrated on December 2, 1923.
Centres such as Wilbertree (at Blanche Lowe’s home until she died and then HV Cox’s home), Cullenbone (at Lester’s property in a vacant cottage during war time, but it was destroyed by fire and the congregation then met at the Bassingthwaightes, then in the schoolteacher Hannan’s home), McDonald’s Creek, (in a cottage owned by Mrs R Roth until 1946) had services at home. Eurunderee used the Lawson Memorial Hall and Yarrabin had a church building thought to belong to the Anglican Church, but no deeds were held.
Mullamuddy had a Union Church also used by the Presbyterians. This church was demolished by the parishioners in 1940 and a new church built.Mullamuddy closed in 1961.
Havilah Memorial Church was attended by the White family. It was built in 1905 in memory of Henry Charles White, who bought Havilah from the original owner in 1881. The church was designed by Harold Hardwick and built of stone. It is a small family chapel, but quite isolated from the house. Officially an Anglican Church, it is now mostly used for baptisms and weddings. The church sits on Havilah on the Lue Road and is one of the many tourist attractions in the area, being a very pretty stone church and visible from the road.
Budgee church was held together largely by Mrs Stanford and her family and Mr A Harvey. In 1952 a renovation of the interior was done by the congregation. Budgee closed 1964.
Grattai church was painted by the congregation under the leadership of Fred Perrot of Berrigoo. The Grattai congregation was very active over the years until the church was given to Hargraves School.
Cooyal church was the centre of a large group of staunch families. It was bought from the Methodists when Canon Walker was rector. Before that Anglicans attended a service at the Nurden home at Botobolar. Parishioners came to Cooyal church from as far around as Stoney Creek to the Munghorn and the Cassilis Road to Linburn. The church was painted in 1958 and a small window over the altar inserted.
St Luke’s Wollar Church is a handsome stone church built on the theme of a castle. At one time the Wollar Church was thought to be on the way to becoming a parish of its own, it was so popular. It once had its own choir and did its own fundraising. A Spring Ball was also held by the congregation. Family names involved included Burns, King, Cox, McGrath, King, Mason, Nathaniel, Trim, Single, Harvey, Street, , Marskell, Rogan, Russell.  Now, alas, it is up for sale by the Anglican Diocese because coal mining has undermined the village and surrounds to a point where many families have left the village and the church has no congregation left. 
St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church at Ulan had a unique history. In 1900, when the outlaw Governor brothers were terrorising the district, women and children slept in the church together for safety. The church was divided with curtains into ‘rooms’. This church was supported by pioneer families Robinsons, Lougherys, Whites, Byers, Cooks, Archers, Hayden, Haynes, Carrs, Carlisles, Swords, Evans, and Roberts. In 1908 a new church was built in the middle of the village in the main street.


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