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The Gold Rush and Cobb & Co P.1

cobb and co rides thorugh the night by peter lawson

Cobb and Co rides through the night by Peter Lawson


Mudgee’s Cobb & Co Story

Just about very home town in Australia has their own particular Cobb & Co story to tell, and Mudgee’s Cobb & Co story is as exciting as anywhere, with the surrounding gold fields, robberies under arms, bushrangers, poets, actors and actresses, the sound of sawing in the coach factories and the hammers ringing in the local blacksmith, these stories all contribute to the romance and excitement of the Cobb & Co story.
Cobb & Co in Australia was greater than Wells Fargo of America, and the Mudgee region was a most exciting part of that story west of the Blue Mountains.
Before Federation, Cobb & Co transported gold miners, settlers, actresses, officials and others across state borders as one country, partly encouraging the unity and equality (in theory anyway) of the country and people we have today.
Cobb & Co began in 1853 in Victoria. In May 1861 it sold to James Rutherford and partners and moved to Bathurst, near Mudgee, establishing Bathurst as its hub. From Bathurst the coach line spread across NSW, travelling through Mudgee and the district.
There were other coach companies of course, but Cobb & Co bought some out and squeezed others out, taking over as the major transport vehicle.


Above photos of an original ticket and notice were given to this website by Peter Matlock:

photos as discussed,originals,I have had in my possession for around 55 years. Purchased at an auction in Richmond Vic GRAINGERS  AUCTIONS, regards PETER MATLOCK. 

Coaches first ran to Mudgee from Bathurst, via Hill End, Hargraves and Grattai, until a new road commenced from Wallerawang, first through Capertee, then later through Cherry Tree Hill.
The Readford family lived at the Coach and Inn, at Cunningham’s Creek below Keen’s Swamp (Ilford) on what is now the Mudgee to Sydney Road. Harry Readford later became the bushranger ‘Starlight’. Cobb & Co brought the Rylstone and Mudgee mail through this area.
There were many bushrangers in the area, John McIntyre (Cursed Jack) and Thomas Roak, Lambert and Gipsy Brown—the terror of the Mudgee

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Resources for
The Gold Rush &
Cobb & Co

Cobb and Co, author Diane Simmonds

Cobb & Co Heritage Trail Bathurst to Bourke
By Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds
Available from:

Plus unpublished research.
The Mudgee Guardian  January  25, 2001
Centenary of Federation feature  by Diane Simmonds

Australian Bushrangers, an Illlustrated History by George Boxall
The Home Rule history is from the research of Ruth Davis and Barry Baldwin for their book: ‘Diary of a Goldfield’.
Cobb & Co information on Apple Tree Flat area given  to author by local historian Laura Wallis and local resident Doug Rochester.
Saddlers from  Museum Meanderings/ Saddlers of Mudgee by Alicia Rapley.
Museum Meanderings No 3: Coach and buggy builders of Mudgee by Alicia Rapley

Gold Nuggets Galore at Sofala from 1851' by Joyce Pearce