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The Gold Rush and Cobb & Co P.7

cobb and co merriwa and cassilis coaches


Ilford to Rystone (N)

3 times per week in 1882, 6 times per weekfrom 20th March 1882, then 1883, 1884. This contract was cancelled when the railway extended to Rylstone from 9th June 1884.

Rylstone to Ilford (then Keans Swamp)

Rylstone to Cunninghams Creek

Gulgong to Mudgee:

In 1880, this line extended from the Gulgong/Coonamble line when Cobb & Co were allowed 120 pounds per annum extra to convey mails on from Gulgong to Mudgee immediately after they arrived at Gulgong, by a buggy or other light vehicle.

Gulgong via the Reedy Creek Crossing (Beryl), Goolina, Lincoln, Raiser, Wellington.

The Junction Inn is a Cobb & Co. staging inn built in 1864. It is still standing on the north-west of town, at the corner of the Wellington and Gulgong Rds.

Mudgee, Eurunderee, Home Rule, Gulgong
6 times per week.

Ross Kurtz, local artist and actor, tells us Henry Lawson’s story about Ross’ Farm was centered on the corner of Black Springs Road and Church Lane at Budgee Budgee and in the story Henry mentions about the old coach road, so Ross believes Henry is suggesting the Black Spring Road was a coach road. This is confirmed by other researchers.

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Cobb and Co ilford station

The old Cobb & Co changing station at Ilford.

 cobb and co merriwa and cassilis coaches

Above left: The Merriwa Cassilis Coach photographed top left is courtesy of David Rutherford of the Cobb & Co Rutherford family.