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EARLY SETTLEMENT - James Blackman P.12

cudgegong river

Blackman explored short of Mudgee by 10 miles, discovering the Cudgegong River area before continuing on to Rylstone.  


James Blackman Jnr was born 1792 in Kent, England.
He was the second son of James Blackman Snr and Elizabeth nee Harley, who married at St Margaret’s, London, in 1785.
James Blackman senior arrived with his four sons, Samuel, James Jnr, John and William, in Sydney on the Canada in December, 1801. Two more sons and four daughters were born in Australia.
In 1802 James Snr was granted 100 acres (40 ha) at Mulgrave Place. He held various government appointments, including chief constable at Bathurst from 1825. James Blackman Snr died at Mudgee on May 6, 1842, while living with his son William Blackman.
James Blackman Jnr settled with nine other farmers at Bathurst on March 1818, one of those farmers being his brother William Lee Blackman. Governor Lachlan Macquarie appointed each farmer 50 acres (20 ha) on the river flats and a town allotment of 2 acres. James Jnr was superintendent of convicts at Bathurst in 1819 to 1821.

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james blackman jr

James Blackman Jnr Photo thanks to Mudgee Museum.

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