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EARLY SETTLEMENT - William Lawson P.14

william lawson

William Lawson was born 1774 at Middlesex, England. He came to Sydney in 1800 and was appointed commandant at Bathurst in 1819, from where he explored the Mudgee region and beyond. Lawson’s family took up 6,000 acres (2428 ha) on the opposite side of the Cudgegong at Bombira Hill, where he built Putta Bucca House in 1827  


William Lawson was born June 2, 1774 at Finchley, Middlesex, England. He was the son of Scottish parents from Kirkpatrick.
Lawson was educated and trained as a surveyor, but bought a commission to the New South Wales Corps in 1799 for £300. He arrived as an ensign on the Royal Admiral at Sydney November 1800, and was posted to the garrison at Norfolk Island. There he married Sarah Leadbeater.
Lawson returned to Sydney in 1806, was promoted lieutenant and served as commandant at Newcastle until 1809.
In 1807 Lawson had a property at Concord with 6 horses, 3 bulls and 14 cows. By 1810 he had extended the property to 370 acres (150 ha).
Lawson was involved with several court martials, including D’Arcy Wentworth, and John Macarthur regarding the rebellion against Governor William Bligh. He was appointed aide-de-camp to Major George Johnston, living on a land grant at Prospect with his wife, who remained there in 1810 when Lawson went to England to witness at George Johnston’s court martial.

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