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EARLY SETTLEMENT - GEORGE HENRY COX, son of George Cox of Burrundulla and Mulgoa, cont.P.27

burundulla house todya

Burrundulla House today taken from across the Cudgegong River and showing the  expanse of river flats, most of which would have been included in Cox’ land

burundulla house

 Burrundulla House

GEORGE HENRY COX, son of George Cox of Burrundulla and Mulgoa cont.

George Henry Cox married his cousin Henrietta Jane, daughter of Henry Cox in 1853. They had five sons and seven daughters.
George Henry was well respected in the wool industry and is credited in building the fine, dense and elastic qualities for Mudgee wool, winning many awards in Australia and overseas. For many years he was councilor on the Agricultural Society of NSW and president of the Sheepbreeders’ Association.
His fifth son inherited Burrundulla and his properties at Mudgee, the homestead being a large, two storey brick building with a main staircase lit by stained glass window bearing the Cox crest and monogram. Its living rooms were once adorned with prints of Italian renaissance masters collected in Europe and paintings by Conrad Martens.
George Henry Cox died at Burrundulla on November 28, 1901

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burundula house

A closer view of Burrundulla House today, from the other side of the river.