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Local Character: Don Hobbs, Preserving History P.1

Local Character
Don Hobbs
Preserver of History
Folklore don hobbs


folklore don hobbs

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Everyone in the Mudgee district would agree Don Hobbs is slightly eccentric, but they would also agree that he has a heart of gold and is there to help any community event he can.
Don is a regular feature at any Mudgee region celebration, usually driving a draft horse and cart, chains jingling, horse hoofs clopping and a cheery wave and loud ‘G’Day’ to everyone he passes.
Don has a passion for things of old. He dresses old style, works old style and plays old style. Beside a number of beautiful horses, Don has an amazing collection of old farming equipment and old relics of days gone by—most collected from the Mudgee region; a collection that has become a virtual record of local history.
Don has recently retired from working on a local farm for Mary Mills. He ran the farm most successfully using old ways and old equipment, turning it into a working historic farm.
The following pages give a pictorial record of Don’s years of work on the Mills farm and the historic machinery he collected and used in the process.
Following that we take you to Don’s own home high in the mountains surrounding the Mudgee Valley, where he has an even greater collection of historic relics reflecting the region’s history. No one wanted these things, they would have been lost to the region, other than Don’s preservation and recording of them. 

A Working Historic Farm

don hobbs

G’day. Don Hobbs here. Let me take you on an journey into the golden olden days and show you some of the beaut equipment used by farmers way back then.

don hobbs

Here I am riding Queenie in the sand yard, which is the yard for cleaning the cattle’s feet before they come into the dairy.

don hobbsThese are some of the old farm machines I collected during my time working at Mary Mills farm. Above we have a hay rake, still in good working order.  I used to use it mainly cutting thistles.


don hobbs
don hobbs
don hobbs

And this old Lucerne mower always brings a great interest. Note the box of tools sitting in the middle of the machinery to allow repairs on the run.. The spanner has 9 different connections on one spanner. The mower came from an auction sale, and people have given me the tools that I have collected along the way.

don hobbs don hobbs don hobbs 

Above is an old side delivery hay rake, still in working order. Look how easy it is to move around. Things were built to last in the olden days. Note below how well designed the tynes are, almost like music notes. The rake once belonged to the late Kevin Costigan who lived opposite Kellett’s produce store, at the bottom of Perry Street. This was his main rake for growing oats. You need a side delivery rake when growing oats because it is so high. I am still using it on my own farm. The other day I got 117 bales off 2 acres with it.

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