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The photos on this page are of low quality to allow publication on this website. If you require a quality copy of photos from the Cresp Family Collection, please let the administrator of the site know. Click here.


Hi Diane,

I was looking through your history site and noticed two photos of old farm machinery. I can say for certain that the machine on the left is a winnower.(used to separate grain from the chaff by the use of a fan blowing wind up through and across a series of sieves, sometimes called riddles.)We still use one today to clean grain prior to sowing. My father has fitted it with an electric motor to make ligh work of it. I can remember when I was young turning the handle. It has an elevator (small buckets on a chain) to raise the cleaned grain to a bagging box. The one in the photo looks pretty much identical to ours, so I can pretty much say that it was made by a company called 'Sloman" of Sydney.

 The machine on the right is a reaper and binder. They cut the crop directly and tie it into bundles called sheaves. It was a forerunner to the hay baler we are used to seeing today which has almost the same type of ingenious knotter.

 Hope my comments are of value,

Regards Ross

Thank you Ross. What wonderful memories you have. Gems. Keep hold of them and think of them often. Editor




 The following photos are part of a large collection collated and documented by 80 year old Norah Kendall on behalf of her family. Norah sent these photos from the family farm in Boinka Victoria for some help with identification of what they were, which we were able to give. She has agreed to publish these photos, and more as she is able to send them. Thank you Norah. We are privileged to be able to share your family's photos with the rest of the world.

Winnower from the Cresp Family Collection

Winnower from the Cresp Family Collection

Winnower from the Cresp Family Collection

From the Cresp Family Collection

Norah Kendall writes on behalf of the Cresp Family:


I am happy to spread the history of times gone by. I am the last of a large family and I did gain a lot of my knowledge from  the family members who have gone before me. We have photos dating back to about 1920's as my mother used to develop them in the sun.


Recently for the commemoration of 100 years of settlement I sent all that I had to the person preparing the book I was unable to go to the celebration as it coincided with my 80th birthday and I did not want to deprive my family from the celebration of it!!!!


Most of the work was done by my late sister as she had collected the photos from the various members of the family and put them into albums


They are now with my niece from whom I borrowed them scanned and in some cases repaired. All of the people are now dead except for my older brother.


I can remember the chaff maker and that I think I can even remember the

horse going round and around and then when we got an engine      


I am not doing a book as such but have put it all on discs and distribute them to the families and they are able to make copies as they wishNow that I have turned 80 I have been updating them with the idea that this will be the last time I do it.  I came across these photos of the remnants and decided to include them.


Thank you so much Norah for sharing these photos with us. Editor.








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