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Gulgong History P.3

gulgong golden historyewdin Edwin Rouse




The Rouse family

The first Richard:

Richard Rouse took over Guntawang cattle run in 1825 after it was abandoned by the Cox family because of  unrest with the Wiradjuri people. Richard Rouse used a ‘Crooked R’ brand on the progendy of his empire.
The first Richard Rouse (1774-1852) is thought to have begun Rouse Hill Farm, Sydney, in 1813. He was the son of an Oxfordshire cabinet maker and shop-keeper, and came to the colony, as a free settler, in 1801. On his death in 1852, Richard’s second son, Edwin (1806-1862) inherited Rouse Hill and other properties, including Guntawang near Gulgong, living at Guntawang with his wife Hannah. 

The second Richard:

The second Richard Rouse, grandson of the first, was born on 2nd January 1842 at Guntawang on the Cudgegong River near Mudgee and Gulgong. He was the eldest son of Edwin and Hannah. He managed Guntawang’s 4,000 acres (1619 ha) in 1861 and inherited it on the death of his father Edwin in 1862, using the ‘Crooked R’ brand made famous by his grandfather.
Richard Rouse bred pedigree carriage horses, cattle and merino sheep and Guntawang became noted for its lavish hospitality. He also held other properties. He was also the principal shareholder in the Guntawang Freehold Gold Mining Co.
The second Richard Rouse represented Mudgee in Parliament 1876-77 and 1879. In 1895 he published The Australian Horse Trade, which stressed the breeding advantages of the ’Yorkshire coach-horse’ for the United Service Institution.
Rouse was a magistrate and regularly sat on the bench. He was also mayor of Gulgong in 1876 and 1899-1903 and a member of the Union Club and first president of the Gulgong Turf Club in 1871.
Richard married Charlotte Emily in 1865 in Hobart Town, the daughter of James Barnard. They had 3 sons and a daughter surviving at his death. The second Richard died at Guntawang on March 2, 1903.

The Third Richard:

The third Richard, Richard Rouse junior,(1843— 1906), was the son of George Rouse of Biraganbil, who died in 1888 and his wife Elizabeth.
The third Richard was born at Jericho near Windsor and educated at The King’s School Parramatta.
His parents founded Biraganbil in 1864with rams and ewes bought from NP Bayly of Havilah and later from EK Cox of Rawdon. By 1867 Richard jnr was managing the property. He inherited Biraganbil in 1888 when George died, and held three other stations.
Richard jnr as he was known,  bred fine strong wool of great elasticity and won many prizes at shows at Mudgee, Dubbo and Warren. He was also a renowned race-horse breeder, breeding the champion, Marvel.
Richard junior married Mary Helena, daughter of Charles Bland Lowe of Gooree in 1869 and had 2 sons and 2 daughters. His eldest son Leslie was a solicitor and Australian Jockey Club stipendiary steward and keeper of the Australian Stud Book.
Richard junior also had 1000 shares in Biraganbil Gold Mining Co Ltd in 1872. He was a magistrate, but rarely sat on the bench, councillor of the Agricultural Society of NSW, chair of the Mudgee Pastures and Stock Board, member of the Australian Jockey Club, and president of the Gulgong Hospital from time to time and sheep director for Mudgee.
Richard Rouse junior died at Biraganbil on February 12, 1906 and is buried in the Anglican section of Mudgee cemetery.

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Early settler Richard Rouse
Photos thanks to Gulgong Museum



Early settler Bessie Rouse, Richard Rouse’s daughter.
Photo thanks to Gulgong Museum

horse jockey inn

The Horse & Jockey Inn, Barney’s Reef Road, Black Lead.


An early picture of Guntawang Homestead.