This page is a collection of old newspaper clippings, thanks to historical collector, Peter Simmonds.



Peter Simmonds of Mudgee


Carol Williams (left and Anne Thomas, of the Department of Technical Education, leave a 130 year old coach after its arrival at Vaucluse House.

Peter Simmonds has historical photos of Vaucluse House at the time, and of the above coach taken in the stables of Vaucluse House before its restoration.

The bottom bit continues: Craftsmanship: Door handles are of solid brass and the carpeting is machine sewn by craftsmen rather than the usual women who are considered by Youngs as less skilful in this particular job. There have been many eye-opening requests for car bodies from James Young Ltd. A San Francisco woman flew to London a few years ago to order a car comprising a London taxi body on an Austin chassis. She wanted it just to go....(next column)

Underneath the bottom photo: Interior of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III - cocktail cabinet on the left, luxurious seats, pillows and thick carpet.





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