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Rylstone: Early White Settlement. P.36

This article is submitted to us by Michael Cowie.

Mickel went to primary school at Charbon in 1939-42 and has since been a regular visitor since then to Rylstone; Kandos & Dunns Swamp and maintained contact with friends in the area and keenly interested in the history of the area.

Mickel is researching the history of the Rylstone area, and kindly has submitted his findings to this site. He welcomes more information and feedback from the community via

Mickel has also written an article on the Wiradjuri people of Rylstone.
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Michael Cowie

(1)           In 1822 James Blackman and Lieutenant William Lawson traced the route from Wallerawang to Dabee Station near Rylstone. They named the peak seven miles from the present day village of Capertee on the Mudgee road “Blackmans Crown”. They were probably the first white men to see the beautiful Capertee Valley and recognise its potential as pasture for stock.


(2)           William Lee and his son William Lee jnr. were on the list of new settlers sent to Bathurst in May 1818, (Colonial Secretaries Index, Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.42). The Lee family history published in “Rylstone Area History of Settlement” pp 14-15, say’s “that a party of settlers, pursuing the blacks for the murder of a party of men”…came on the Capertee country, and opened it up.” Mr. Lee was the first to occupy Old Capertee, which he stocked with both sheep and cattle in 1823.”


These statements are confirmed in the Colonial Secretaries letter granting William Lee “the Sanction for the temporary occupation of six thousand acres of land around your stock yards to be erected at the junction of two creeks on a spot called Cobberty (Old Capertee) sixty miles N E by E from Bathurst, 15 miles from Mr Coxe’s Station at Davy (Dabee) and 25 miles from the Station of Blackman at Bulling-bulling (Cullen Bullen).”


(3)           Similarly the CS Index locates Rev. Marsden’s run at Bogee as “about 72 miles East of Bathurst, 12 miles from Capata under ticket of occupation to William Lee, and 13 miles from Davy, bounded on the West, North and East by high Rocks, and on the South, South West by Capata….


(4)      The Bathurst war erupted and contrary to eye witness reports and many letters detailing the extent of black and white casualties the Sydney Gazette reports: “There have been a multiplicity of distressing accounts from Bathurst, within the last 3 or 4 weeks. On the one hand, 60 or 70 natives have been killed: while, on the contrary, numbers of Europeans have fallen victims to savage fury. From respectable authority we contradict these exaggerations being informed that 8 or 9 of the natives only have been killed; while the Commandant reports the number of European deaths to be about five.”


(5)        John Tindell was granted “sanction for the temporary occupancy of the land sited ten miles in every direction around your stockyard to erected at a spot to be known by the name of Warangee about 55 miles North of Bathurst bounded to the South by Capata- on the East by Umbiella and about 8 miles South from Bogee held by the Reverend Samuel Marsden…”


(6)      Robert Smith was an Overseer for Reverend Samuel Marsden, when he was named on a list of persons who received orders for grants of land in February 1825. It seems likely that he continued managing stock at Bogee for Marsden while and his own herds at nearby Warrangee.


First White people, Capertee Valley

2 James Blackman Jnr. Came Free - 'Canada' Stockholder. Blackman's-crown (1)

1823 May 27, Lee, William (Pantoney) Native born (Norfolk Island) Stockholder Cobberty (2)

1823 May 27, Calf, William, Native born, Servant of William Lee, Cobberty

1823 May 27, Byrne, Edward, Native born, Servant of William Lee, Cobberty

1823 May 27, Daniels, Thomas, per 'Shipley' 1818, Servant of William Lee, Cobberty

1824 May 4, Hobbs, Richard, per 'Shipley' 1818, Servant of Revd. Marsden, Bogee (3)

1824 Aug 26, Lewis, Richard, Came free, Stockholder, Capata

1824 Sep 17, Tindell, John, Stockholder, Warengee (5)

1824 Sep 17, Hall, John, per 'Archduke Charles' 1813, Warengee

1824 Sep 18, Smith, Robert, Came free per 'Barwell', Stockholder, Warengee

1824 Sep 3,18, Hall, John, per 'Shipley' 1818, Servant of Robert Smith, Warengee

1824 Sep 3,18, Bell, William, per 'Mariner', Servant of Robert Smith, Warengee

1824 Sep 18, Williams, Thomas, per 'Mangles' 1820, Servant of Robert Smith, Warengee

1824 Sep 18, Hobbs, Richard, per 'Shipley', servant of Robert Smith, Bogee (6)

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