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Wiradjuri Nation: Massacres cont., P.10

wiradjuri country capertee



Capertee Valley

Wiradjuri Country


 September 6, 1824

Mudgee, Wiradjuri caught dispersing cattle by George Cox’s shepherds. Major Morrisett, William Lawson the overseer, Mr Rankin and Mr Walker on mounted horseback killed between five and sixteen Wiradjuri men.

September 6, 1824

Mudgee, Wiradjuri burial site on the banks of the Cudgegong River: Three Wiradjuri men killed here, including the warrior Blucher. 


A military party sent out to ‘quell the blacks’. Oral history according to J. Burke and Aden Ridgeway says the Wiradjuri people were seen to be nuisances because they killed whites and stole their food, so soldiers rounded up the Wiradjuri people and moved them to the Capertee Valley, where they shot them.
This massacre was recorded by WH Suttor in his diaries, who said the Wiradjuri were shot down without respect. Mr Suttor said the Wiradjuri people had a camp in the Capertee Valley, which was attacked by white soldiers because of the declaration of war, which, he said, was ‘as undecipherable as an Egyptian hieroglyph’. Mr Suttor said the soldiers pretended to be friends, placing food for the Aboriginal people within musket range, and it was mostly women and children who were shot as they came for the food. Mr Suttor referred to the massacre as an ‘exterminating war’.


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