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Wiradjuri Nation: Massacres cont., P.11

wiradjuri hand print at the drip near cassilisHands on the rock, Casilis near the sacred Aboriginal site, The Drip


Bathurst: Rainville, 4kms south east of O’Connell
About 50 to 60 Wiradjuri warriors killing stock on Rockley, rushed a mob of sheep which were not found for weeks on the farm of William Webb-Shannon, who assisted with the coroners inquiry into the murder of the three women.


Bathurst, Clear Creek, 15kms north east, a shepherd killed by Wiradjuri men in his hut. A retribution party gathered the men and drove them into a gorge and shot the entire mob.


Brucedale Station, Bathurst, 13kms north, north east on Macquarie Plains, Winbundale Riverulet, Pine Ridge. Brucedale was owned by Henry Suttor, a family strong in the Bathurst/Mudgee region today.
Henry Suttor is recorded as being exceptionally kind to Wiradjuri people, allowing them access to his (their) land. His friend, Penneegrah, taught him the language and he also met Windradyne. Today Henry Suttor’s descendants have a memorial to Windaradyne on Brucedale.


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wiradjuri windradyne grave

Windradyne’s grave on the Suttor property at Sofala.