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Wiradjuri Nation: Black Trackers, P.14

wiradjuri country cudgeegong river Cudgegong River, Mudgee. The food source for the original Wiradjuri Tribes.


Land of Plenty


The Mudgee Mail and black tracker, Georgie Miranda.

July 13, 1863, one of the biggest local holdups, south of Pine Ridge at Big Hill near the Dividing Range.
Bushranger Fred Lowry and John Foley held up the Mudgee Mail. Larry Cummins was said to be the lookout for them.
The bushrangers escaped with gold and about £6,000 in old bank notes that were being taken to Sydney for destruction by Australian Joint Stock Bank official Mr Kater.
Mrs Smith, wife of innkeeper John Smith, boarded the coach at Ben Bullen, but luckily, as often was the case, she was not robbed of the £200 she carried. Her husband and Mr Kater had alighted from the coach to walk up the hill, as was tradition.
£500 pounds reward was offered for capture of the robbers or recovery of the money.
Foley was arrested by Hartley police three weeks later with some of the bank notes on him and sentenced to 15 years hard labour, but he was released in September 1873.
Lowry was shot by police and died in August 1863. For the capture of the robbers the reward money was shared by the seven policemen and black tracker, Georgie Miranda who captured them.


Jim McDonald - first black tracker in Mudgee for the NSW Police

 Jim McDonald is known to be the first Wiradjuri tracker in Mudgee for the NSW Police. Mr McDonald still has descendants in Mudgee today in Greg Ward and his children, Georgia and Lily. He was Georgia and Lily's grat, great, great grandfather. The family is collecting information about him and have provided this photograph of him.

First Mudgee black tracker, Jim McDonald




Information on Diana Mudgee, local aboriginal woman.
Information on Wiradjuri sacred sites in the Mudgee region, Hands on the Rocks, The Drip, Baby Feet Cave and others.
Information on how mining is affecting Wiradjuri sacred sites today.

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black tracker

Photo of a ‘Black Tracker’  (right) courtesy of Mudgee Museum