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Wiradjuri Nation: Massacres, Martial Law is declared, P.5

aborigines gathering Above: a very old photo, 1845, but you can still see Aboriginals preparing to attack (or just looking at) a white settlement  in the Gulf of Carpentaria.


There are 20 massacre sites officially recognized around the Bathurst region and many unofficial sites around the Mudgee region. More than 19 white people were killed in the early six year period of settlement, the largest the Bells Falls massacre. Mudgee was counted in the Bathurst region in those early days of settlement.

February 1821

Cox’s Billyeena station on the Cudgegong River, 5kms NE of Mudgee. George Cox led a shooting party against the Wiradjuri people. It is not recorded how many Aboriginal people were shot.


Wiradjuri men attacked Billyeena Station, which was then one of only two stations north of Mudgee. The Wiradjuri men let the cattle go free and killed some sheep, then disappeared. The attack was counted as a ‘warning’ attack for the white men to leave.
It is said Chamberlain, the foreman for George Cox was responsible for Martial Law being declared on August 14, 1824. Chamberlain is said to have killed 19 Wiradjuri people for steeling cattle.

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